1. What kink of spam email, or junk mail did James receive?
a.) A misleading message from someone you know whose email account has been hacked.
b.) A counterfeit message that looks reliable that attempts to trick you into supplying your personal information.
c.) An unsolicited commercial email message sent in bulk.

2. Does James believe he will receive gold?
a.) Yes
b.) No

3. How much gold does James want Solomon to ship to him?
a.) 25 kilograms
b.) 50 kgs
c.) a metric ton

4. What will Soloman spend his commission on?
a.) hummus
b.) real estate

5. For how long did James email back and forth with Solomon?
a.) a few days
b.) a few weeks

6.) What is James doing?
a.) He's having fun, playing the scammers at their own game
b.) He's having fun and saving people money