Watch the video and choose the correct answers.

Where is she?
She's at the bank.
She's at the police station.
She's at the train station.

Who's she looking for?
She's looking for her son.
She's looking for her mother.
She's looking for her daughter.

What's her daughter's name?
Anne Langley.
Sam Mangly.
Dam Samgly.

How old is she?
She's fine.
She's nine.
She's seven.

What does she look like?
She's short.
She's tall.
She's small.

What is she wearing?
She's wearing an orange skirt and a green and white blouse.
She's wearing an orange blouse and green and white skirt.
She's wearing an orange dress and a white and green coat.

Is she carrying anything?
Yes, she's carrying a big black bag.
No, she isn't carrying anything.
Yes, she's carrying a small black bag.

What does she look like according to the police officer?
Short, thin, with long dark hair.
Tall, slim, with long black hair.
Short, with medium-length dark hair.