Choose the correct answer

1. Which way to burn calories is not mentioned in the video?
A. Running for 20 minutes
B. Drinking two cans of soda
C. Singing a favorite song 23 times

2. Which has a bigger role in weight loss?
A. Diet
B. Exercise
C. Diet and exercise have the same role in weight loss

3. A 2011 meta-analysis of children found that their level of physical activity was the main determining factor of their weight. Is it true or false?
A. True
B. False
C. Not Given

4. Which was linked to a greater weight loss maintenance?
A. Minimizing calories
B. Strenuous exercise
C. A and B are not correct

5. What does the word ''yield'' mentioned in the video mean?
A. a profit or an amount
B. to produce or provide something
C. to give up

6. What are the benefits of exercise mentioned in the video?
A. Slowing the aging process
B. Improving the mental health
C. Both A and B