Watch the video first, then complete the questions with the best option.

1. Who does Bartholomew work for?
The Center for Intelligent Agents
The Central Intelligence Agency

2. What does the C.I.A call spies?

3. Bartholomew says that Reggie's husband _______________________.
was an agent
was wanted by the US government

4. Bartholomew says that Charles had another name, what was it?
Charles Boss
Charles Voss

5. Bartholomew asked Reggie to look at photograph. Reggie recognizes Charles and says he looks young. When was the photograph taken?
14 years ago

6. Bartholomew says that Charles ________________________________.
stole money from the US government.
stole money from the three men in the photograph.

7. How much money did Charles steal?

8. Bartholomew says that Reggie is __________________.
in danger

9. What does Bartholomew want?
He wants to catch the three men.
He wants Reggie to give him the money.