01. [0:18] How old is Arthur, the protagonist of this short animated film?
He's thirteen years old.
He's thirty years old.
His age is not mentioned.

02. [0:38] What does Cami, Arthur's friend, say to him?
She says that everyone is by his side because that's what friends are for.
She says that he's her best friend.
She says that he's so silly.

03. [1:12] Arthur's birthday party is...
...just a figment of the imagination.
...a dream come true.
...an authentic experience.

04. [1:27] After a while, we find out that all of his guests are actually...
...Arthur's schoolmates.
...avatars from a social network called "Best Friend".
...images from a dream.

05. [0:45] How does Arthur recharge his account?
By putting a USB plug.
By pressing a little button on his forehead.
By using some special eyewash.

06. [1:40] At his party, Arthur...
...avoids using drugs.
...uses his final reserve of eyewash.
...accidentally breaks all of his phials.

07. [2:08] What's the slogan of the "Best Friend" commercial?
Never be alone.
We can give you the best friend.
The friend only you can see is the best.

08. [2:34] Arthur rushes out of his apartment to look for...
...another way to make friends.
...a free recharging for his account.
...a vending machine of eyewash.

09. [3:20] When he ends his quest, Arthur bumps into a bad guy that...
...assaults him for a dose of "best friend" product.
...tries to kill him with a piece of glass.
...wants to kidnap all of his friends.

10. [4:56] In the end, Arthur...
...understands the importance of a real friendship.
...is still addicted to the social network.
...can finally get clean from drugs.