Watch the video/ read the transcript and complete the quiz below with the best option.

1. According to Ed, eating super hot peppers is ________________.
a) dangerous
b) not dangerous
c) harmful

2. What two peppers were combined to create a Carolina Reaper pepper?
a) ghost pepper and a habanero pepper
b) thai fire pepper and a ghost pepper
c) hawaiian lava pepper and a serrano pepper.

3. What is the unit of heat measurement for peppers?
a) Joules
b) Scoville
c) Degrees Celsius

4. What type of pepper is NOT mentioned in the video?
a) Serrano
b) Jalapeno
c) Pablano

5. What is the Scoville measurement of the Carolina Reaper?
a) 600,000 units
b) 1,569,000 units
c) 2,629,000 units

6) What is the first sensation you get after you bite into a Carolina Reaper?
a) heat
b) sweet
c) a combination of spicy and sweet

7) What are some of the physiological things that happen?
a) Your eyes water and you breathe harder
b) Your stomach hurts and you want to take a nap
c) You think you should call the fire department