** FIRST complete the sentences with the correct vocabulary word. Then watch the video and check your work.

1. A group of us went ___________________ two miles straight out from Cardiff on our paddle boards on a brisk but sunny January morning.
whale watching

2. A very small sea lion pup raced through the water and __________ on my board.

3. I got on my knees so I wouldn't __________ and put my paddle between us because I didn't know what he was going to do, and more importantly, where his mother might be.
fall in
jump in

4. He slipped under my paddle and began nuzzling me and searched my entire front include my neck and face with his nose and whiskers. He ___________________ milk.
was looking for
was asking for

5. Although sea lions don't usually drink water because they get it from the fish that they eat, I _______________ my water to the little guy.

6. He _________ it all up.

7. He then snuggled into my lap, wrapped his body around my right arm, so that the sun hit him straight on, and __________________ for about forty-five minutes.
fell asleep
took a short nap

8. A couple of friends raced into shore to call Sea World Marine Mammal Rescue because it was clear he was under nourished and ________________.

9. With a friend by my side, I managed ____________ in to shore with the little guy on my board.
to paddle
to swim

10. One of the girls that paddled in before ____________ to tell us that Sea World would arrive in a few minutes. So, we waited.
came out
came in

11. When we reached the sand, the pup ______________.
jumped off
jumped on

12. He _______________ for direction and told him it was alright. I patted my board and he jumped back on.
looked at me
called me

13. The rescuers tried _________________, but he got away and returned to the sea.
to catch him
to feed him

14. I was very disappointed that Sea World didn't catch him because he ___________ help.

15. However they explained to me that this is very common ___________ this time of year which is pup season.

16. They have a section quarantined off at their facility where they ________________ these little guys then release them back where they found them.

17. This experience is one of the most spiritual things that has ever happened to me. That pup completely trusted me. He was a gift to say the least. I sure hope he __________ and I thank Sea World for trying to help rescue him.
made over
made it