Watch the video and complete the sentences.

01. [0:02] According to the video, trees...
are secretly individuals.
tell a different story.
secretly talk to each other.

02. [0:13] Trees can communicate thanks to...
a network of fungi.
their roots.
their nutrients.

03. [0:19] These fungi help trees providing them with...

04. [0:24] Scientists discovered that the connection between trees is...
not as deep as it used to be.
deeper than expected.
not far deep than first thought.

05. [0:34] The system of fungi has been nicknamed...
World Wide Web.
Wood Wild Web.
Wood Wide Web.

06. [0:40] Mother tree is usually...
an older tree.
fondly known.
a purple one.

07. [0:49] Dying trees may...
release their resources into the network.
use healthier neighbours' resources.
keep their resources into the network.

08. [1:00] If plants are attacked they can...
dump chemical fertilizers into the network.
raise their defences alone.
signal other plants about the danger.

09. [1:08] Some orchids hack the system to...
enter its dark side.
take nutrients from nearby trees.
steal information from other trees.

10. [1:16] The black walnut...
spreads nutrients through the fungi network.
uses toxic chemicals to grow.
sabotages its enemies.

11. [1:23] Scientists are still debating why plants are...
not behaving in an altruistic way.
acting as parts of a bigger superorganism.
chatting under our feet.