1. Perceive means __________________.
to come to understand or realize
to begin to feel angry
to start to be afraid

2. A "twig" is _________________.
a small stick
a small animal
a small rock

3. Quench means __________________.
to taste
to stop
to see

4. The ant was _________________.
getting a drink.
admiring himself in the water.
trying to cross the river.

5. When the ant was in trouble, the dove was _______________.
flying by
sitting in a tree
swimming in the water

6. When the bird-catcher was setting the trap, _______________.
the dove asked for help from the ant
the ant bit the bird-catcher
the ant didn't want to get stepped on

7. Which of the following statements best summarizes the story?
The dove accidentally saved the ant.
The ant and the dove saved each other.
The ant was afraid of the bird-catcher.

8. One lesson from the story is: ___________________
Look out for number one.
Return favors given to you.
Always be prepared.