***FIRST DO THE QUIZ, then watch the video and check your answers.***

1. "Houston __________________ breakfast at eight o'clock."
usually has
usually have

2. "___________ teff hay and water for breakfast."
He have
He has

3. "After breakfast ____________ with his friends, Bentley, Bennie, Billy and Lady."
he walk
he talks

4. "He __________ lunch at twelve then ____________ a nap."
eats / takes
eat / take

5. "At three o'clock ____________________ for a walk with Rachel."
he usually go
he usually goes

6. "___________________________ o'clock he gets brushed and cleaned (spa treatment)."
From four to five
From four at five

7. "At six o'clock he has dinner and after dinner __________________________ another walk with Rachel to watch the sunset."
he sometimes makes
he sometimes takes