***FIRST DO THE QUIZ, then watch the video and check your answers.***

1. "My childhood __________________ are more like snapshots than videos. Snippets of _________________ linger as sights, sounds, and smells in my mind."
memories / experiences
friends / pictures

2. "I can _________ the sound of the air conditioner humming at my grandmother's house during nap time, or see the big derricks in the oilfields where we used to play, or ____________ my mother's oatmeal cake baking in the oven."
listen / hear
hear / smell

3. "Why certain memories _____________ while others fade, I'm not really sure. The orange dress, though, is a memory that has stood the test of time for me."

4. "I'm not even really sure how old I was, maybe around seven. The ______________ school was having a fashion show, and to ______________ your mother had to make a dress."
elementary / participate
high / watch

5. "My mother had many ___________, but sewing wasn't one of them. _______________ that I wanted to participate, though, she cheerfully made an attempt because that was the way my mother was."
talents / Knowing
abilities / Understood

6. "She chose a simple _____________. The ____________ was an orange print with tiny flowers, and there was solid orange rickrack to match."
fabric / pattern
pattern / material

7. "One evening my mom began __________ the dress."
to do
to make

8. "She was struggling with the pattern when my dad came home from work one night. My dad, not being the genteel type, brusquely said, "_______________________________"
Is there anything I can do to help?
Here, let me do that.

9. "He was a parachute rigger in the Navy, so he knew how to ________________ sewing machines and put them back together, as well how to operate one.
take apart

10. "I'm sure my mother was happy to turn the project ___________ to him."

11. "On the day of the show, each girl walked across the ______________ and the master of ceremonies said a few words about her frock."

12. "You could hear a soft delighted __________ from the audience when it was announced that this dress had been made by her father."

13. "That was such a long time ago. My dad recently ______________ the details of the __________ for me since my mom has passed away.
filled in / story
filled out / dress

14. "My only true memory is standing on stage wearing that orange peasant dress with the rickrack trim and ___________ special.

15. Question: Where did Dawn's father work?
He worked in the Navy.
He worked in the oilfields.

17. Question: Did Dawn like the dress?
Yes, she liked it very much.
She doesn't say.