*** FIRST DO THE QUIZ, then watch the video and check your answers. ***

1. "A combination of a fairly healthy body and no health insurance meant that I ___________ saw a doctor or a dentist as I was growing up."

2. "On the few occasions that I _____________ a dentist, my teeth were always fine. This suited me very well."
did see

3. "My lack of familiarity with dentists made me rather ______________ them."
curious about
afraid of

4. "The thought of having _____________ in my mouth and someone drilling on my teeth gave me the willies."

5. "Unfortunately, at the age of thirty-two, I couldn't ____________ dental treatment any more. I had a cavity that needed drilling and filling."

6. "I had thought that I was addressing this fear in a really adult manner until it ______________ time to leave for my dentist appointment."
had been

7. "When I _________ goodbye to my little son, he threw his arms around my leg and shouted, 'Don't go, mommy! Don't go!'"
had said

8. "He ________________ my fear, and ________ afraid something awful would happen to me."
saw / is
had seen / was

9. "My first drill and fill experience wasn't great, but now I knew what it was like. It _______________ a threatening "unknown" anymore. "
hadn't been

10. "Also, I didn't want my son to be afraid of dentists like I was. So I sat down with him and talked about it. I told him that I ___________ scared, and that it hurt a little bit, but that I wasn't afraid anymore. The dentist just worked on my teeth to make them healthy."
had been

11. "We ____________ about how we can be brave, even when _____________ afraid. This is a lesson that is always good to remember. We don't have to let fear control us."
talked / we're
had talked / we were

12. Question: Why was Debra afraid of the dentist?
She hadn't gone to the dentist very often.
She hasn't gone to the dentist very often.