*** COMPLETE THE QUIZ FIRST, then watch the video and check your answers. ***

1. "My first ____________ of Yap, a tiny ____________ in Micronesia, was the landing of the plane."
memory / island
thought / continent

2. "The airstrip on Yap _____________ short, so short that the pilot needed to brake hard, so hard that my small eight-year old frame felt _________ it was going to fly out the front of the plane."
isn't very / excited
is extremely / like

3. "Once the _______________ touching the ground and the plane was level, the flight attendants walked the aisle spraying a sweet smelling spray."
wheels were
plane was

4. "Later on I found out it was Plumeria, a popular _________ on the island that the natives used to make leis. I still love that _________."
flower / smell
spice / food

5. "Finally the plane came to a complete stop. The flight attendant __________ the door and we disembarked. The sun was bright and the air was so hot and moist _________ I could hardly breath."
opened / that
closed / and

6. "I looked outside and _________ the strangest sights -- a waiting area with a thatched roof and a small building with a tin roof."

7. "And people who __________ so foreign to me -- boys my age dressed in thongs with their bottoms exposed. Topless ___________ wearing grass skirts -- a few of them carried naked babies in basket purses."
were / men
looked / women

8. "We had come __________ Point Loma in San Diego, and I knew life was going to be ______________ different."
to / a little bit
from / completely

9. "My only thought was, "___________ did dad bring us?" I felt so many _____________ at once, excitement of living in a new place, fear of not fitting in, and a longing for something familiar."
Who / feelings
Where / emotions

10. "Little did I know that this island ___________ change my life and my family forever."

11. Question: How old was Carmen when she went to Yap?
8 years old
7 years old
11 years old

12. Question: How does Carmen describe the landing?
bumpy and a scary
beautiful and green

13. Question: How long do you think Carmen stayed there?
a couple weeks
a few years