Choose the answer (a, b or c) which fits best according to what you hear.

After Joey and Sarah dated:
Joey said that he had had a great time.
Sarah had a great time.
They both had a great time.

Joey didn't like the fact that:
Sarah used her fingers to eat.
Sarah took some fries from his plate.
She ordered a salad.

Rachel said that:
Joey hadn't let her have some grapes from his plate last week.
Emma was the only person Joey shared food with.
She knew that Joey didn't share his food.

Joey was not very excited about the cheesecake because:
Sarah's chocolate tort seemed very delicious.
He didn't like the raspberry coulis.
He was on diet and he only ate heathy food.

didn't let Joey taste her desert.
thought that it was ok to share her desert with him.
agreed to share as long as he would do the same.

had just a tiny little bite of tort.
managed to help himself.
started digging into the tort.

Joey's friend:
was wearing a soft sweater.
didn't like the idea that they were without company that night.
wanted to tease Joey by eating his muffin.