Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

1. A "snout" is:
The paw of an animal
The nose of an animal
The tail of an animal

2. "Descended" means:
Got down
Climbed up
Fell down

3. A "companion" is:
Someone who is related to you
Someone who is with you
Someone who works for you

4. Which of the following best describes the traveler who climbed the tree?
Quick-thinking but selfish
Afraid but loyal
Brave but foolish

5. How does the man feel about his traveling partner who climbed the tree?
He's happy they didn't get hurt.
He doesn't trust him anymore.
He thinks it was funny.

6. What did the man do when he pretended to be dead?
Held his breath.
Held his nose.
Sat very still.

7. What do people say about bears?
They have a bad sense of smell.
They will not touch a dead body.
They are afraid of people.

8. When the man pretended to be dead, what did the bear do?
He whispered in the man's ear.
He bit the man.
He left the man alone.