1. How many daughters does the man have?
He has one daughter.
He has two daughters.
He has three daughters.

2. What is the name of the small girl who has to say sorry?

3. When the little girl refuses to say sorry, what does the father say?
It's not easy to say sorry.
It's not difficult to say sorry.
It's not impossible to say sorry.

4. When the girl apologizes, her elder sister says,
"It's not Ok. You should sorry again."
"I don't accept your apology."
"It's ok. Thank you."

5. When the girl says "sorry," her father says,
"It is not acceptable."
"That's really good. Thank you. I appreciate it."
"It is your good choice."

6. What did the woman do to the little girl?
She walked into the little girl.
She gave her a gift.
She appreciates the father of the girl.

7. Why should the woman apologize?
Because the man is telling her what to do.
She should not care about anything.
She should apologize for bumping into the little girl.

8. The woman says,
"It was fun."
"It was an accident."
"It was my idea."

9. What does the man say when the woman says sorry to him?
He is very happy.
He says, "Not to me, to her."
"You are welcome."

10. When the man complains to the manager, what does the manager say?
"How can I help you?"
"Where is the woman?"
"How dare she do that!"

11. When the manager asks the woman to apologize to the little girl, she says,
"I meant to bump to her."
"I didn't mean to bump to her."
"She's just a girl."

12. How can you describe this woman who bumped into the little girl?
She is very caring.
She is very rude.
She is very gentle.

13. What did the the police officer say to the woman?
"You didn't say sorry. What is wrong with you?"
"You are very beautiful."
"I appreciate your point of view."

14. When the woman finally says sorry to the little girl, what does the girl say?
"It's ok. I know it was an accident."
"What is wrong with you?"
"That was really good honey."

15. What did the police do at the end?
The police let her go home.
The police thanked the woman.
The police took the woman away.

16. What did the woman do when the little girl forgave her?
She cried.
She laughed.
She didn't seem to care.

17. Where did the accident happen?
at the police station
at a supermarket
on an airplane

18. What do we learn from this story?
We should say sorry if we hurt someone, even if it's an accident.
We should never go to the supermarket.
Adults are more difficult to teach than kids.