How far is it from Malibu to Los Angeles?
1 hour away
half an hour away
ten minutes away

Death Valley is the ... in California.
highest, coldest and wettest
coldest, lowest and driest
lowest, driest and hottest

What kind of terrain does Death Valley have?
salt flats and sand dunes
desserts and mountains
all of the above

Why is the architetcture in San Francisco unique? Because it's built ..
on the seaside
in the mountains
on hills

Where can you see seals and sea lions?
Pier 39
Pier 49
Pier 59

What kind of town is Montery?
dessert town
cliff town
coastal town

What can you explore in Redding?
trails, mountains, waterfalls and hot springs
beaches, lakes, rivers and cliffs
all of the above

Where is San Diego?
Southern California
Northern California
Eastern California

What country does San Diego boarder?

What particular characteristic does Joshua Tree have?
rock formations
all of the above

Mount Shasta is
an alien hot spot
in the desert
an active volcano

Venice Beach is good for
walking on the boardwalk and people watching
fishing and eating seafood
trails and wildlife

What can you see along the drive in Big Sur?
the ocean and cliffs
beaches and lakes
the sea and whales

The winding road is ___ route between Northern and Southern California.
not the shortest
not the most beautiful
not the fastest