How far away is the moon?
almost a million miles away
almost a quarter of a million miles away
almost 25 million miles away

How old was Neil Armstrong when he went to the moon?
almost 21 years old
almost 39 years old
almost 29 years old

How long did Neil Armstrong's moonwalk last?
2h 31 mins
1h 42 mins
2h 21 mins

What were the American people divided about at the time?
The amount of money being spent on the space program.
the Vietnam War
They weren't divided.

What was Neil Armstrong like?

When did Neil Armstrong become an astronaut?
in 1962
in 1952
in 1972

How many times had Neil Armstrong been in space before Apollo 11?
He had never been in space before.

What does the speaker say about the moonwalk by Neil Armstrong?
It was the most-watched TV broadcast in history.
Walking on the moon was a very challenging experience for Neil Armstrong.
If it had not been for Armstrong's crew, he would not have succeeded.

How many countries was Neil Armstrong greeted by?
11 countries
29 countries
31 countries

What did Neil Armstrong do after coming back to Earth?
He lived a quite life teaching, farming, and promoting the space program.
He worked at NASA.
He became president of a university in Ohio.