What did the man do in 2015?
He took part in a yacht race to Rio de Janeiro.
He participated in a boat race to Rio de Janeiro.
He used a floating bike to get to Rio de Janeiro through the river.

How many tons of plastic were sent for recycling in London last year?

What does the government plan to achieve by 2042?
It plans to outlaw plastic waste.
It plans to reduce plastic waste to the minimum.
It plans to introduce fines for throwing plastic waste into rivers.

How do people react when they see this man riding a floating bike?
They are astonished.
They do not pay attention to him.
They are proud of him.

The man can collect all the waste he encounters.
Yes, he can.
No, he can't.
There is no such information in the video.

Through picking up plastic rubbish, the man wants to:
make a city where he lives cleaner.
make people perceive the harmfulness of plastic rubbish.
help the local authorities eradicate plastic waste.