What is the size of a typical American home?
26 square feet
260 square feet
2600 square feet

The focus of tiny homes is
simplified living.
all shapes and forms.

To be called a 'tiny house' the size must be under
five square feet.
fifteen hundred square feet.
five hundred square feet.

Which of these is NOT a benefit of owning a tiny home?
You don't have to own your own property.
You have to build it to Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.
You don't have to pay property taxes.

He set the window in bullet-proof glass
to keep it from breaking when the house has to be moved on roads.
because it's an image of one of his ancestors.
because he's afraid people will shoot at it.

Tiny house living is
very exciting for most people.
too extreme for most people.
too exciting for most people.

He made his bathroom door a pocket door because
normal doors swing open and waste space.
it reveals an incinerating toilet.
he wanted to do a science experiment.

Incinerating toilets are
electric and don't need plumbing.
only found online.

Tiny house living symbolizes _____ for many people.
mainstream status