The group of women who helped put a man on the moon were known as
women computers.
human computers.
space computers.

The women did advanced math calculations
using computers.
by using calculators.
by hand.

They had to make sure that the planes were
safe and fast.
safe, fast, and efficient.

Their work was _____ for the astronauts.
life or death
life and death

Hidden Figures is the story of how a small band of black women joined the space program in the 50's and 60's,
describing female stereotypes and chastising a segregated system.
dying female stereotypes and challenging a separated system.
defying female stereotypes and challenging a segregated system.

Katherine Johnson still lives by the same ___ her father told her when she was young: "You're as good as anybody else."

What did Katherine Johnson's calculations help accomplish in 1969?
They calculated the trajectory of Alan Shepard's space flight.
They helped verify the numbers in John Glenn's orbit.
They helped the Apollo mission land on the moon.

Because of the Jim Crow laws, these women
had to sit at the back of the bus to get to work.
couldn't sit at the same lunch tables or use the same bathrooms as whites.
All of the above.

Langley's newly ___ workforce made it not just a flight laboratory, but a social experiment.

Leland Melvin said that after Johnson retired, her name was spoken
in remembrance.
with hesitance.
in reverence.