What does Mary give to Susan?
She shakes her hand.
She gives Susan her resume.
She says her name and the job she is applying for.

What job is Mary applying for?
She is applying for chicken jobs.
She is applying for a ticket job.
She is applying for a kitchen job.

Does Mary have any experience in the kitchen.
No, but she cooks a lot at home.
Yes, she does. She cooks at another job.
A little bit. She hardly works.

How does Mary describe herself?
She is ambitious, but disorganized.
She is a trainer and won a certificate.
She likes to learn. She is organized and follows directions well.

What is Mary doing to improve her writing skills?
She was on time for a year.
She is taking an English class.
She is doing an online correspondence.

Why did Mary leave her last job?
She worked at night and she needs to work days.
It was a full time job and she needs to work part time.
She didn't like her last job.

When can Mary work?
She can work from 8 to 5.
She can work Monday to Friday.
She can work the graveyard shift.

Will Mary need a lot of training?
A lot. Nothing can be learned in just a day.
Not much, but some people need more than a day.
Not a lot. Most people learn in just a day.

Does Mary get the job?
Yes, she does. Susan really likes her.
No, she doesn't. There are many people applying.
Susan doesn't say, but she will call tomorrow if she does get the job.