Once the other two vaults are full, how many different species of plants stored will there be in the Svalbard Seed Vault?
around 500
around 1 million
around 3 million

Where is Svalbard Global Seed Vault located?
1300 km from the north pole
800 km from the north pole
1300 miles from the nort pole

What is the point of putting the vault so deep in the mountain?
to put it above sea level
to hide it from strangers
to put it within permafrost

What is the temperature that the earth naturally stays all year round?
around -4 or -5
around -12 or -13
around -18

What seeds do not go into the vault?
gene-modified material

What is the temperature at which the seeds are kept at the vault?

How many other gene banks are there in the world?

What was the cost to build the Svalbard seed vault?
$1 mllion
$9 mllion
$5 mllion