Someone ______ tight. That would be very nice.
to hold me
to mould me
too cold me

Someone _____ me right. That would be very nice.
to love
to like
to loathe

Someone ________ each little dream in me.
to stand
to understand
to comprehend

Someone to take my hand, to be _____ with me
a theme
a term
a team

So nice. Life ________ so nice.
will be
would be
could be

If one day I ____

Someone ______ my hand and samba through life with me
who would take
who would fake
who would make

Someone _____ to me, stay with me right or wrong
to cling
to fling
to wing

Someone ______ to me, some little samba song.
to zing
to wing
to sing

Someone ______ my heart and give his heart to me
to take
to break
to make

Someone who is ready to give love ________ with me
a start
a stab
a stark

Oh yes, that _______ so nice
will be
would be
could be

Should it be, ___________, I could see, it would be, nice.
you and we
you and three
you and me