How many pieces of advice are needed to improve your leadership ?

Today, the stereotypical leader image is...
a buttoned-up person in a grey suit holding a hefty briefcase.
A person with sneakers and a friendly look.
A person always behind his desk.

There is only one kind of leader.
Who knows?

Great leaders must...
ignore challenging situations and solve daily tasks.
give up faced with challenging situations and let employees solve them.
face up to challenging situations and deal with them honestly.

Why must leaders communicate openly on their challenges ?
To build trust and confidence
To delegate responsibility
To build a dashboard

What kind of reactions should a leader have in order to create a good environemment ?
Let his employees know he's interested in their success and happiness.
Let his employees know about his salary.
Let his employees know about his interests and marital issues.

If employees make mistakes, it is better to...
Confront them in anger and sanction them.
Calmly explain the origin of the mistake and what you expect in the future.
Leave them alone without explaining why they did wrong.

How to forge your authenticity ?
By trying to be someone else.
By amplifying your own strings and personality traits.
By copying the best managers.

It is recommended to conduct yourself in an ethical way...
To get a promotion.
To improve your hardskills.
To earn respect.

Earning respect will encourage...
shareholders to increase sales.
employees and stakeholders to be proud of their companies.
you to be better than other leaders.

Why is it good to stay curious ?
To meet an opportunity for innovation and new perspective.
To know all about your employees' private lives.
To appear as an open-minded person.

What key does not appear in the video ?
Be positive.
Stay curious.
Win trust.