1/ What is the effect of a little piece of paper ?
a. A remarkable effect
b. An acceptable effect
c. A catastrophic effect

2/ What is the first tip?
a. Walk a moment
b. Take a few deep breaths
c. Take a moment

3/ What is stress ?
a. A survival mechanism
b. An old defense
c. A feeling

4/ What is the effect of stress on your heart ?
a. It pumps furiously
b. It jumps out of your chest
c. It bumps

5/ In the 21st century, what do we stress about ?
a. About work
b. About different things
c. About life

6/ How to counter the effects of stress ?
a. By breathing
b. By walking
c. By thinking

7/ What is the first top tip ?
a. Get plenty of exercise
b. Have a plant
c. Don't think about it

8/ And the second ?
a. Take a telescope
b. Scope out the situation
c. Analyze the situation under a microscope

9/ The third ?
a. Think alone
b. Walk with someone
c. Talk to someone

10/ You can't laugh and ... with fear ?
a. Quake
b. Deal
c. Stay