1) Where is Koko the gorilla from ?
- northern Texas, just a few miles south of Austin
- the hills of northern California, a few miles south of San Francisco
- a cave in the north of the US

2) It is home to ______ including a western lowland gorilla named Koko, whose life challenges what it is that makes humans unique.
- a host of celebrities
- different celebrities
- some weird celebrities

3) What has Penny Paterson tried over forty years ?
- to discover if humans and gorillas could ever communicate
- to discover the common point between humans and gorillas
- to discover if gorillas could be one ancestor to humans

4) Everyone when they're a child has that 'Doctor Dolittle moment' where they think, ____ and here was a chance.
- you know if only we could talk to animals
- you know if only animals could talk
- you know if only we could be animals

5) What began as a PhD ____ turned into a lifelong relationship.
- to teach sign language to Koko
- to speak all languages with Koko
- to teach a language sign to Koko

6) In what way is Penny in love with Koko ?
- like sister and brother
- like mother and daughter
- like father and daughter

7) What is the particularity of Koko as a gorilla ?
- he is a good predator
- he is intelligent
- he is very tall

8) But throughout their time together, Penny ___ Koko.
- has had to fight to
- has have to fight to keep
- has had to fight to keep

9) When did the project begin ?
- one and a half century ago
- nearly half a century ago
- half of a half century ago

10) With over ___ hours of footage collected over forty four years, does project Koko finally prove that animals can communicate their thoughts and feelings with humans?
- 2,000,000
- 2,000
- 200

11) Or are there some things that _____ from our closest relatives?
- would always separate us
- will always isolate us
- will always separate us

12) What is this type of video ?
- a documentary
- a cartoon
- an interview

13) How many different voices are there in the document?
- 5
- 6
- 7