The entire film takes place in one room. Which room is it?
The kitchen
The bathroom
The bedroom

What is on his teeth as a teenager?
A toothbrush
A piercing

What is on his neck as a teenager?
A love bite
A scarf
A tie

Why do you think he burns the photo of the woman?
Because she left him
Because he loves her
Because he is cold

How does he cut his hand?
He breaks a glass
He cuts himself with a knife
By hitting the mirror

Which of these stickers is not stuck to the mirror during the film?
A smiley face sticker
A rock band sticker
A boat sticker

Which one of these is the correct order of the man's relationship?
He falls in love, has a baby, gets married, gets old and lives happily ever after
He falls in love, gets married, has a baby, his wife leaves him, he gets divorced
He has a baby, falls in love, gets married, cheats on his wife and marries again