Where is Santander located?
On the nothern coast of Spain
In the Atlantic ocean
In Russia

When did the project start?
3 years ago
5 years ago
7 years ago

When is a city called smart?
When there are many universities
When it uses technology
When there live many scientists

What does the city use to be smart
10,000 screens
35,000 employees
20,000 sensors

What should drivers use in order to get information about a free parking place?
An app
A map
A valet

What do the signs at bus stops show?
How to make a queue
When the next bus will arrive

When is public grass watered?
At night
When it gets dry
When it is hot

Can citizens influence the project?
Only the rich

Using apps is not that easy because...
Not all citizens know about them
They are not free
There is no a spanish language version

Is the project popular among other cities?
Only in Spain