Would the President wake someone up to have a sandwich?
No, he would make one himself.
He would order something else instead.
Yes, he would.

When was the last time the President cooked?
The day before.
Some time ago.
He's never cooked.

Does the President know how to drive?
Yes, he does and he drives.
No, he doesn't know how to drive.
Yes, he does, but he is not allowed to drive.

Whose electric car did the President drive?
His wife Michelle's.
A former employee's.
The Secret Service's car.

How fast did the President drive?
30 mph.
45 mph.
35 mph.

When the President has a toothache he...
goes to the dentist.
has the dentist visit him.
takes some painkillers and ignores the problem.

Why wouldn't the President change daylight savings?
Because on the East Coast it's the sign that spring has arrived.
Because thanks to it there's a lot of sun in California.
Because you have to change the clock.