Who found the army?

Why was the army created?
To make people afraid of Emperor Qin
To go with Emperor Qin after his death ("into eternity")
To fight for Emperor Qin

What did Emperor Qin do for writing, weights and measures?
used them
standardised them
Banned them

What did he build?
highways (roads) and his tomb
the Great Wall and his tomb
highways (roads), the Great Wall and his tomb

What did it take to build the mausoleum?
Over 37 years and 600,000 workers
Over 36 years and 700,000 workers
Over 70 years and 300,000 workers

How could you describe the statues?
Each one is different- they're all unique
Each one is the same- they're all identical
Each one is handsome and special

What kind of ruler was Qin?
Popular- he was very kind.
Not popular- he was very cruel.

What happened after Qin died?
Peasants (farmers) were afraid of the terracotta soldiers.
Peasants (farmers) took weapons from the terracotta soldiers and used them to fight with.
The terracotta soldiers slept for 1,000 years.