1. We invited a lot of people to the party, but only a few ___ up.
a) brought
b) dropped
c) showed

2. He got very angry and started yelling. Everyone told him to calm ___.
a) back
b) down
c) off

3. I can't believe I ___ into a friend of mine from childhood at the festival - I hadn't seen her in twenty years!
a) bumped
b) crashed
c) looked

4. My daughter loves to make ___ stories. She's very imaginative - maybe she'll be a writer someday!
a) after
b) out
c) up

5. We set ___ on our road trip at around 5am.
a) away
b) back
c) off

6. Six months later, he's still upset that he didn't get the job. He should just get ___ it already!
a) after
b) over
c) through

7. During the meeting, she ___ up a lot of issues that had been problematic for a long time.
a) brought
b) gave
c) picked

8. While we were exploring the city, we came ___ a wonderful antiques shop.
a) about
b) across
c) around

9. My parents expected me to get good grades, and I always studied hard so that I wouldn't ___ them down.
a) get
b) let
c) put

10. The woman was handing ___ free samples of perfume.
a) away
b) back
c) out