How long does pregnancy usually last?
About 35 weeks
About 40 weeks
About 45 weeks

The first trimester is...
from week one until week 12.
from week one until week 10.
from week two until week 12.

Do the periods stop when a woman becomes pregnant?
Yes, it does. And it becomes permanent.
No, it doesn't.
Yes, it does. But it is just temporarily.

The fertilised egg is released from...
the vagina.
the womb.
one of the ovaries.

Where does the fertilised egg start to divide?
In the womb.
In the fallopian tube.
In the ovaries.

Where does the embryo continue to develop?
In the womb.
In the ovaries.
In the fallopian tubes.

When is the embryo called fetus?
By week two.
By week fifteen.
By week nine.

Are most of the organs formed by week nine?
Yes, they are.
No, they aren't.
We don't know.

The umbilical cord connects the baby...
to the amniotic fluid.
to the placenta.
to the fallopian tubes.

When do the baby's sex organs develop?
In the first trimester.
In the third trimester.
In the second trimester.