Where was Beethoven born?
In Berlin
In Bonn
In Dresden

When did he perform his first piano concert?
At the age of 5
At the age of 6
At the age of 7

Which is the title of his first published work?
9 variations on a march
"Fur Elise" bagatelle
"Moonlight" piano sonata

How did Beethoven help to support his family?
By singing in a vocal group and composing.
By giving music classes and composing.
By givin music classes and playin in an orchestra.

Who was Beethoven's teacher?
F. Mendelssohn

Beethoven's success made him to become the succesor of:
A. Salieri

How was Beethoven's career as a pianist when he was 25 years old?

When did Beethoven start losing his hearing?
In 1800
In 1802
In 1804

Which is the only opera Beethoven created?
Madame Butterfly
Don Giovanni

How are the 5th Symphony and the Emperor piano concert considered?
Amazing works
Challenging works
Heroic works

Which fact changed the life of Beethoven in 1815 that led him to slow his work down?
The illness of his wife
The death of his brother
His drinking problems

When he was completely deaf, which two pieces of music did he compose?
The 5th Symphony and Emperor piano concert
The 9th Symphony and the Emperor piano concert
The 9th Symphony and the Misa Solemnis

How many people attended Beethoven's funeral in 1827 in Vienna?
About 10000
About 15000
About 25000

In 1989 Beethoven's music could be listened to in a historical event. Which one?
The Olympic Games
The United Nations meeting
The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Which values did Beethoven's music have?
An entertainment and educational value
An entertainment and moral value
A humanistic and moral value