A cultural reason that we don't listen well is
the Chinese model of the duality of yin and yang.
we are more fond of telling than listening.
we are listening to our own music.

The effect of so much noise in our world is that
we take up more space.
we talk more often than we listen.
we take refuge in personal soundscapes.

The consequence of the fragmentation of public and shared soundscapes is
we're creating even more noise.
we're not listening to each other at all.
increased sales of headphones.

We're also becoming
short of patience.
short of painters.
sort of patents.

Desensitize probably means
to shout at someone in order for them to hear us.
to become more aware of something because we are used to it.
to become less aware of something because we are used to it.

The speaker says that silence is
everywhere in the modern world.
very rare in the modern world.
in the air in the modern world.

The speaker's first exercise to help regain listening skills is
to seek out a few minutes of sirens every day.
to speak out against silence every day.
to seek out a few minutes of silence every day.

"The Mixer" is to go into a noisy, modern environment and
listen to how many separate sound sources you are hearing.
make a lot of sounds with squeaky chairs.
make a lot of noise and see who is listening.

The third exercise is

The purpose of this exercise is to learn to
enjoy simple, mundane sounds.
do your laundry and make a cup of tea.
savor a cup of coffee.