1. What is the key of Management at Apple ?
Apple is a collaborative company
Apple is a structured company
Apple is a startup

2. How many committees does Apple have ?
0 committees
2 committees
10 committees

3. How is Apple organized ?
Like an industry
Like a startup
Like a house

4. How many times a week do the Apple teams meet ?
3 times a week
twice a week
once a week

5. How long does each meeting last ?
1 hour
3 hours
6 hours

6. Do the teams work individually on a product?
no, all the teams work on all Apple products.
yes, each team works individually on a product.
Yes, but the people in charge of each team collaborate.

7. How is work organized to make a product ?
All teams work on the same product in group
Each team works on a different product
Work is trustfully distributed among each team, which works alone

8. Does Steve Jobs accept his coworkers' opinions ?
Yes, Steve Jobs is open-minded and accepts other people's opinions.
No, Steve Jobs is the boss and his opinion is the only one that counts.
Yes, he sometimes does.

9. Does Steve Jobs work only as a facilitator ?
Yes, he just arranges the meetings.
Yes, he is a facilitator, and he also contributes ideas.
Yes, he is a facilitator, but he doesn't work on products.

10. In order to keep powerful people working for you, what should you do ?
Be nice with them
Let them make lots of decisions
Offer them gifts