1. According to Vanessa Van Edwards, charisma...
a. can be learned.
b. needs years of practicing to achieve it.
c. can't be increased.

2. Why embracing their imperfections, makes charismatic people more likeable?
a. Because people appear as more perfect.
b. Because people can't see their imperfections.
c. Because people can relate to them.

3. How do charismatic people avoid being conversational narcissists?
a. Focusing on themselves.
b. Focusing on gossip.
c. Focusing on the other people.

4. Why gossip is definitely not an option among charismatic people?
a. People who listen to gossip damage their own reputation.
b. People who gossip damage their own reputation.
c. People don't like to gossip.

5. Why is it important to use your hands when you are talking?
a. That is a polite way to show respect.
b. People weigh you as more trustworthy.
c. That will make you more charismatic.

6. What is a good way to know if your eye contact is good?
a. Keep eye contact long enough to notice the other person's eye color.
b. Keep eye contact for at least 5 minutes.
c. Keep eye contact only if the other person shows interest.