According to Jeffrey Benjamin, how do most friendships begin?
as a formal introduction
as small talk
as an accident

Small talk becomes easy with

The first tool for small talk is
be an ice-breaker
be an ice-bucket
get some ice

"Be an ice-breaker" means
wait for other people to introduce themselves
twiddle your thumbs
introduce yourself first

"Take the initiative" probably means
be the one who takes action first
wait for someone else to do something
be quiet

Taking the initiative communicates to others that
you have complaints
you are shy
you have confidence

When you are in a place like an elevator, the longer you wait to break the ice,
the more tension builds up
the quicker the ride
the more polite you are

Most great small talkers are
very rare
great talkers
great listeners

Great listeners do NOT
pause after speaking
run their mouths
ask great questions

To be good at small talk, you should
talk less; listen more.
talk more; listen less;
run your mouth.

The third tool for small talk is to
keep positive thoughts to yourself
keep negative thoughts to yourself
share negative opinions

In summary, the three tips to being good at small talk are
introduce, listen, and don't share negative opinions
introduce, don't listen, and share negative opinions
introduce, listen, and share negative opinions