What did Penny ask Leonard in the beginning of the video?
How was your Christmas?
How is your leg?
How was your vacation?

Why is Penny at Leonard's and Sheldon's apartment?
To exchange gifts
To give gifts
The change gifts

On the napkin it said "live long and prosper." What does "prosper" mean?
To be healthy
To be happy
To be successful

Why is Sheldon so happy about the napkin?
The napkin has food on it
The signature from Leonard Nimoy is real
The napkin was in outer space

Penny says, "all I'm ____ you is the napkin Sheldon."

What did Penny give Leonard?
A gift certificate for motor cycle lessons
A gift certificate for bicycle lessons
A gift certificate

What did Leonard think of his gift?
It was thoughtful
It was nice
It was awful

Why did Sheldon hug Penny?
Because the gift baskets were too much
Because the gift baskets were not enough
Because the gift baskets were enough