On whom are the genetic experiment carried out ?
People, animals and nature
People, animals and culture
People, animals and arboriculture

What are the effects of the genetic manipulation ?
Misunderstood consequences
Uncontrollable consequences
Unbelievable consequences

Who are the victims of genetic engineering ?

What can make genetic engineering do to the neighboring crops?
penetrate the feeds
pass on their new characteristics
perpetrate the feeds

What must farmers dependent on genetic engineered crops do ?
destroy seeds each year
buy expensive GE seeds each year
build GE seeds

How many characterisctics traits are there in GE genes ?
1 trait
2 traits
3 traits

What are the consequences of the adaptation to the pests and weeds ?
They become beneficial
They develop resistance
They become natural

Where are the genetically engineered crops made ?
In North America
In North Africa
In South America

Along with soil, what is genetic engineering contaminating ?
Spring water
Ground water
Fresh water

What is the problem with the food on earth ?
It is not distributed fairly
It is not distributed clearly
It is not distributed in family

Where are the most genetically engineered crops?
in the stock chain
in the livestock chain
in the wildstock chain