When did this new form of restaurant begin ?
Since the 1930s
Since the 1960s
Since the 2000s

What was the relationship between the two creators of Mcdonald?
A couple
Two friends
Two brothers

How was the work organized?
There was not any organization
Each worker had a specific task
-Each worker has to be in charge of the hamburger from the beginning to the end

What does Mcdonald's do to duplicate the same taste of their hamburgers in every franchise ?
They only produce their hamburgers in the USA, then export them
They change how ground beef is produced
They have a specific cow breed

Today the top 4 control ....
More than 25%
More than 80%
The top 5 beef packers

The system is so big that ....
Everyone is forced to eat the system's meat
It controls the whole industry
The directors can swim in a swimming pool full of dollars

Tyson, for example, is the biggest ...... company.
Milk packing
Mint packing
Meat packing