The speaker has assembled eight deadly sins of speaking.
Not stated

What is "dogmatism"?
Speaking ill of somebody who is not present
Another form of negativity
The confusion of facts with opinions

How many powerful cornerstones or foundations are there?

Which of the mentioned deadly sins of speaking demeans our language?
The fourth one
The sixth one
The second one

Which word do powerful foundations spell?

According to the speaker, what does "honesty" mean?
Standing in your own truth
Being yourself
Being true in what you say, being straight and clear

Why do we vote for politicians with lower voices?
Because we associate depth with power and with authority
Because there are a number of habits they tend to move away from
Because they do not have a blamethrower

According to the speaker, what is timbre?
This is the meta-language that we use in order to impart meaning
It is the way our voice feels
It's root one for meaning in conversation

How can we make people pay attention to what we say?
By broadcasting the whole time
By saying something really loud
By getting very quiet

What can help us to improve our timbre?
Breathing, posture and exercises
Pace and volume