How long has she been missing?
Almost three decades.
Almost one decade.
Almost two decades.

When did Steve McCurry take this girl's first photo?
Seventy years ago.
Seventeen years ago.
Seven years ago.

When he shot her photo, the girl was a ...

When did the world's attention turn to Afghanistan?
In 2011.
In 2001.
In 2010.

What did McCurry do for weeks when he returned to Afghanistan?
He roamed the streets looking for information about the girl.
He roamed the streets to take pictures of the people.
He roamed the streets asking questions to women.

Why was his search harder than he thought?
Because women didn't cooperate.
Because grown women wore veils which hid their faces.
Because people didn't take him seriously.

What result did McCurry get before having to leave?
He couldn't find anything about her.
He decided it was best to stop searching for her and leave her alone.
He got a lot of information about her.

Why must a female associate producer meet the woman who might be the Afghan girl?
Because women's perceptions are better.
Because men didn't want to see the woman.
Because local custom dictated that only a woman could see her.

How did they know that the woman was the Afghan girl?
A new technology called 'iris mapping' was used.
A new technology called 'face mapping' was used.
A new technology called 'eye mapping' was used.

How many children did the woman, Sharbat Gula, have?
She had two children.
She had four children.
She had three children.

What message did McCurry say her photo sends to the modern world?
A message of courage and hope.
A message of sorrow and poverty.
A message of sorrow and hope.