Ann believes that computer science is basically...
data analytics
problem solving
non-profit work

Emily is convinced that computer science gives people...
a lot of prospects.
a lot of problem-solving.
a lot of perspectives on problem-solving.

Bella thinks that...
her company has given her a lot of projects.
her company has been great to her.
her company could have allowed her to work more flexible hours because she has a baby.

Zavain thinks
it's very easy to start coding without knowing the solution of the problem.
that it's easy to code being blind.
that it's exponentially useful not to take any steps back in coding.

Justin fell in love with his profession after writing codes for
programs of virtual reality.
mibile applications.
small games.

Brina says that
everyone has started learning coding.
computers have become the main communication tool of today.
computers have become the quickest way to communicate.