The little girl gives a letter to ...
... her teacher.
... her father.
... her older brother.

It says: Daddy is ___________ in the world.
the sweetest daddy
more sweeter daddy
as sweet as mommy

Also, Daddy is _________.
more handsome
more handsomer
the most handsome

He is the smartest, ___________, and the kindest.
the clever
the cleverest
the most clever

He is her Superman. Daddy wants her ______ at school.
to do well
to work well
to study well

Daddy is just great, but _______. He doesn't have a job.
he dies
he lies
he tries

He lies about _____________
have money
had money
having money

He lies that he's ________
not tired
not fired
not hired

He lies that he's _______
not hungry
not angry
not happy

He lies that they have _________

He lies about ___________.