What is a stem cell?
A cell that can make copies of itself AND make more specialized types of cell
A cell that helps to fight against infections
A cell that is specialized

Where can scientists obtain stem cells?
Only from an embryo
Only from tissues in the body
From an embryo or tissues in the body

Embryonic stem cells can differentiate into which types of cell?
All types of specialized cells in the body
Only brain stem cells and specialized brain cells
Only cells that can produce artificial skin

Neural stem cells from the brain can differentiate into which types of cell?
Only specialized brain cells
Specialized brain cells and specialized skin cells
All types of specialized cells

In the treatment of burns, scientists can use stem cells to help them replace...
All parts of the patient's skin
The outermost layer of the skin
All parts of the skin except sweat glands

What are cells "fed" when they are grown in a lab
Proteins and sugars

A blastocyst is...
A very early stage embryo
A type of stem cell
Part of the blood system

When are blastocycsts created in a laboratory?
When blood supplies are low
During fertility treatment
Whenever scientists are studying cells

What are the roles of stem cells in our bodies?
They produce new specialized cells to replace cells that die or are used up
They fight against infections
They perform specialized roles in the body (e.g. produce insulin, transmit signals in the nervous system, etc

What are stem cell scientists investigating today?
When and how embryonic stem cells make decisions to produce more specialized cells
How stem cells might be used to treat disease
All of the above