We usually use ____ adjectives before a noun.
one or two

The natural order to describe the book case is
a new white lovely bookcase
a white lovely new bookcase
a lovely new white bookcase

The alternative to one long phrase with 3 or more adjectives is to
create separate sentences
never use more than 2 adjectives
put some of the adjectives after the noun

You should practice using adjectives
because it's really bad grammar if you don't.
to sound incredibly super intellegent.
to make your speech sound more natural.

opinions and generally go at the end.
opinions and generally come first.
opinions and sometimes come after the noun.

When there is more than one adjective to describe an opinion:
the order does not matter.
put the longest word first.
the strongest opinion goes first.

When writing, a ____ is needed to separate the two adjectives.
period (.)
a comma (,)
the word "and"

Which of the following is correct? (Are commas needed?)
lovely, new, white bookcase
lovely and new and white bookcase
lovely new white bookcase

Which of the following is correct?
size shape material - small round glass vase
shape size material - round small glass vase
material shape size - glass round small vase

ORIGIN means
where something came from or is made.
when something was made.
what something is made with.

A noun modifier is
a verb that modifies a noun
a noun which modifies an adjective
a noun that describes another noun

The words DESK and FLOOR are examples of
noun modifiers
verbs that modify a noun
adjectives that describe adjectives

has no exception.
must stay the same way every time.
can have exceptions.

Which is the correct way to describe the ANGEL?
my sweet little angel
sweet my little angel
little sweet my angel

Which is the correct way to describe the WINGS?
color size noun - white small wings
size color noun - small white wings
head noun size color - wings small white

Which is the correct way to describe the doll's HAIRSTYLE?
nationality noun opinion - Japanese hairstyle intricate
origin opinion - Japanese intricate hairstyle
opinion origin/nationality - intricate Japanese hairstyle

Which is the correct way to describe the doll's DRESS?
a silk orange gorgeous dress
a gorgeous orange silk dress
an orange silk gorgeous dress

Which is the correct way to describe the LANTERN?
old blue owl lantern (from college)
old college owl blue lantern
college owl blue old lantern

What is the adjective order describing the BOX
small round metal box
metal round small box
round metal small box

What is the adjective order describing the BOOKEND
end heavy stone book
heavy stone bookend
stone heavy bookend