What type of Smokey Eye is this tutorial?
Taupey Smokey Eye
Classic Smokey Eye
Grey Smokey Eye

Which three products is she going to use?
browny taupe and dark grey eyeshadows, black pencil
smoke and fire shadow, pencil and lash curler
bronzer blush, brush, tweezers

I'm just gonna pat that on all over _____________.
may lid
eye lied
my eyelid

You could use one that had a little bit of very low level ______ if you wanted to.

Blend the dark grey shade onto ________, so that you don't have to much on your brush.
the back of your hand
on the front of your arm
on your chin

What makes a good smokey eye is a nice__________.
lots of blush
a big flat crush
big fat generous brush

You can really go in and _____________ that all out.
blend and smoke
smudge and buff
bend and coke

(with the black pencil) If you want to you can go into your __________.
upper waterline
middle waterline
lower waterline

Apply a nice __________ mascara.
thickening black
thick back
slimming red

Smokey eyes classically go with a __________
nude lip
new leap
no lap

You could wear smokey eyes _________.
during the morning
during the day
during the night

You can go much more dramatic and evening with _______.
pink lips and mismatching nails
grey lips and scratching nails
red lips and matching nails