Why do children see using technology as a way of life?
Because the access to it is easy
Because they see their parents using it
Both answers are correct

What do people feel when they leave their phone at home?
They feel naked without it
They feel handless without it
They feel uncomfortable without it

The children should
Use only one screen at a time and limit their time using it
Use only one screen at a time for less than 2 hours a day
Use electronics for only 2 hours a day

What is the significant loss mentioned, when people use text messaging?
Affect (what do you see - like it is when you are talking face to face)
Feelings (expressing emotions)
Behaviour (people can "mask" themselves in the internet)

Donna's daughter didn't understand her mom because
Donna used a wrong expression
Donna forgot an exclamation point in her text message
Donna's message lost the affect

What's the point in "no TV, no phones and no computers" rule at the dinner table?
That's inapproriate behaviour
That's the time to socialize
That's distracting people from eating