When did the Industrial Revolution take place?
In the late 1700s
In the late 1800s
In the late 1900s

What were those who owned the land called?

How were the new machines powered?
By water, steam and coal.
By water, fire and oil.
By train, car and bus.

How did the new machines work?
More slowly and carefully.
Cheaper and faster.
More silently and more slowly.

Where was the work done?
In farms.
In workshops.
In factories.

New inventions were applied first in...
The automobile industry.
The textile industry.
The farming sector.

Where could products be sold now?
In England.
Where they were produced.
All around the world.

Where did many families move to?
Industrial towns.
Coastal areas.

Which new social class appeared during the Industrial Revolution?
The working class.

Why did industrial towns become black?
Because of the bad weather.
Because of the new building materials.
Because of the pollution.

Where were some of the worst working conditions?
In textile mills.
In farms.
In shops and shopping centres.

How much was a child paid?
2 dollars a week.
2 dollars an hour.
2 dollars a year.

How long did children work?
From 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.
From 5 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.
From 5 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

How old were children when they started to work.
5 years old.
10 years old.
12 years old.

Who inspired and created the first unions?
Reformers and workers.
Children working in factories.

What's the name of the present revolution?
A Second Revolution.
A post-Industrial Revolution.
A Technological Revolution.